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Company History

Mr. Dipak K. Sinha is a Natural Gas trading and arbitrage specialist in mid-continent region. He founded PetroConsultants, Inc. on June 8, 1984, and serves as the President of his company. Dipak specializes in natural gas marketing and sales, with an emphasis on transportation, storage, and capacity release. His clients include Exxon Mobil, Texaco, TransCanada, Illinois Power, Equitable Resources, and BP Amoco and Niska Gas Storage of Calgary, Canada, among others. Prior to founding Petro Consultants, Inc., he served as the director of the Oklahoma Public Utility Board, where his responsibilities included monitoring purchasing practices of gas and electric utilities. In this capacity he testified before the United States Senate on natural gas de-control issues. Mr. Sinha received his Master’s in mechanical engineering from the University of Oklahoma in 1978. Dipak is keenly interested in the studying the natural gas industry in India, and plans to apply his expertise to India’s growing natural gas industry. He also serves on the Board of India – US Chamber of Commerce (Oklahoma) and a long standing member of NGEAO (Natural Gas Association of Oklahoma).

Petro Consultants, Inc.

Petro Consultants, Inc. (PCI) was founded in 1984 to serve the marketing and transportation needs of natural gas producers and industrial customers. The company’s marketing efforts are based on recognizing and exploiting arbitrage opportunities through extensive knowledge of the natural gas industry, including production, storage, and natural gas futures. PCI creates a market by bringing producers and end-users together. Since inception, PCI has negotiated thousands of marketing arrangements for multinational corporations.

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