Welcome to Our Company

Oklahoma city based Petro Consultants (PCI) is a certified minority owned business (MBE) supplier of natural gas that focuses it’s efforts towards – delivering natural gas services to Industrial, Commercial, and residential customers.

For over 36 years, we focus on supplying customers through leading edge marketing strategies, flexible products, and dedicated customer service. Our team of highly skilled energy professionals work closely with suppliers and end-user customers to develop an energy strategy that will help achieve their business goals.

Retail Gas Sales & Spot Trading

Petro Consultants supplies natural gas to large industrial and retail end-users. Petro Consultants prides itself to save your business money on its natural gas costs. PCI also has a spot trading business that monitors and creates arbitrage opportunities between inter and intrastate pipelines.

Producer Services

PCI’s producer services unit alleviates the logistics for producers to transport gas supply into wholesale markets.

Energy Consulting & Risk Management

Through sophisticated hedging strategies and products, PCI can manage the risk for organizations whose cost of natural gas is a significant component of operating cost.

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